Here at we respect the privacy of our visitors either they search the website or complete a contact form.

On this this page you can find useful information about what data we store and what you can do if you do not want to share your personal information.

Providing Personal Information

We collect data through our forms and we may ask for your name/address/e-mail/phone number. It is up to you if you want or not to provide such information.

Hopluia does not share any information with third parties nor sells it or makes it publicly exposed unless you ask for it.

You you want your data removed from our database let us know here : contact[at]hopluia[dot]com.

Non-Personal Information

Some information may be collected on our website such as browser information, operating system used, Ip address or the name of the website from which you linked to us.

We also use "cookies". This is information stored on your computer during your visit on our website. You can refer to your browser instructions if you want to remove cookies from your hard drive or block them.

Please note that we can update or change the information above and also the rest of the content on our website. Our webmaster team will not be held accountable for you not reading our Privacy Policy.

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