essential oils fro nail fungus

Antifungal essential oils continue to play a critical role in the management of fungus. In some cases, the oils are combined with ZetaClear treatment to fight fungal infections

Leading essential oils

Tea tree – this oil continues to play a critical role in fighting fungus. It is safe, gentle and can stop candida infections in a record of three days. However, it is important that you take precautions when using tree tea essential oils. It should be heavily diluted if you want to get the desired results. Tea tree essential oils can be consumed to help treat fungal infections. However, it is important that you work with a trained health care professional to ensure efficacy and safety.

Lavender - lavender essential oils are popular and could be used to treat various ailments ranging from stress, headache, sleep issue and anxiety. Studies have compared it to the antifungal drug Clotrimazole, and it has been demonstrated that the oils have a positive effect on fungi infection.

Thyme - it is a useful aromatherapy that has for many years been used to promote blood circulation. Thyme essential oils have been used to battle bacteria that have resisted antibiotics. It has also been found to be effective in eliminating fungus in food. In fact, thyme oils have been found to combat different strains of fungus and are one of the ingredients used in pharmaceuticals and food industry.

Peppermint - the oil has a long list of uses and is known to help ease stomach upsets and headaches. It aids to boost mental focus. When tested on 12 fungus strain, it was found that peppermint oil had a positive effect on 11 of the 12 strains.

Geranium – is known to help promote healthy skin and plays a critical role in helping hormonal balance level. When tested on fungus, it was found that it could help inhibit the growth of 12 fungus strains. It has therefore been thought to be a powerful antifungal agent.

Bitter Almond - these oils have many uses and could be administered both externally and internally. However, such applications should be cautiously made. It is recommended that you use it via inhalation if there are no instructions on how to use it. It has a lovely aroma and should be highly diluted for both internal and external application. When tested on 19 bacterial strain, bitter almond was found to combat all the 19 fungi, and therefore, it can be used as a broad-based antifungal pesticide

Black pepper - is a condiment that contains many medicinal properties. It can be used to calm pangs of hunger and boost circulatory system. It also reduces indigestion and aids digestion. It is an effective antioxidant that is used as the antifungal agent. Unlike ZetaClear, black pepper can impact on fungal colonies even when administered in low doses.

Other than having antifungal effects, all these essential oils have many benefits. They can be used to solve health issues such as flu, cold and in helping reduce their devastating effects. They are important ingredients in manufacturing antifungal compounds.