cure toenail fungus with beer

Instead of hiding toenail fungus with nail polish or closed toe shoes, you should treat it and improve the appearance of nails. Numerous natural ingredients from your kitchen or fridge will assist you to get rid of onychomycosis fast. Did you know that your favorite fermented beverage could help? Learn how to cure toenail fungus with beer.

Can you treat nail fungus with beer?

The homeopaths have spoken: natural remedies – and particularly beer – will work wonders when dealing with numerous health problems. If garlic soothes a sore throat, green tea reduces fever, and aloe vera cools a sunburn, beer is used both internally and externally for its incredible healing properties. When you soak your feet each day in the fermented liquid, beer will help to eliminate toenails fungus and its annoying symptoms.

When the nails are yellow, brittle, and crumbly, you probably have onychomycosis. Drink a bottle of beer, but keep some for your toenails, too. Use the beer assortments that have a significant content of hops. The lab tests prove that the ingredient Humulus lupulus (hops) has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Do you know why it is hard to cure onychomycosis permanently? The symptoms do not disappear overnight. Plus, the disease often reoccurs because of lifestyle habits and weak immunity. Yeasts – mostly Candida albicans – enters your body through little cracks in your skin. Maybe you walked barefoot in a public space or used a towel that doesn’t belong to you. As soon as your nails get discolored and lose their natural luster, pour some beer on the area affected. Repeat daily until you finally remove the signs of nail fungus infection.

How to use beer on toenails

Some guys got rid of onychomycosis after soaking their feet daily in a homemade remedy. How can you obtain it? Mix equal parts of dark beer and apple cider vinegar, then drop a small amount of tea tree oil. Keep your toes in the solution for at least 30 minutes. If you don’t have tea tree extract, just use another essential oil. Rosemary, lavender, orange, or lemongrass oil are just as effective.

Do you consider using beer to treat toenail fungal infection? Sip some from your pint then keep a small amount to mix with baking soda. Stir until you obtain a consistent paste and apply it to your fingernails and toenails affected by yeasts. Repeat for a few minutes each day, and you will soon see the benefits.

A good way to heal onychomycosis implies combining cornmeal with room-temperature beer. Let the mixture sit for 10-15 minutes until it resembles a soggy mush. Soak your hands or feet in the natural remedy for as long as you can drink another beer. After that, rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment for several weeks, and you will eliminate the fungal infection completely.

You found out how to cure toenail fungus with beer. The drink has amazing antimicrobial effects and successfully kills fungus within weeks. You already finished the opened bottle? Have one more beer, but this time save some for the recipes mentioned above. Your nails will soon regain their health and beauty!