Antifungal properties of beer

As soon as the weather is getting warmer, we’re all looking for ways to get our feet sandal-ready. We exfoliate the skin, moisturize with oils and creams, push back cuticles, and get a beautiful pedicure. But what can we do with the yellowish, brittle nails? Is it a natural cure to eliminate the toenail fungus? Discover the antifungal properties of beer.

How beer works to kill the fungus

With beer, you can finally say hello to the sandal season! The natural ingredients included in the drink’s composition will soften the affected nails and surrounded nail bed. Because the hops from beer have renowned antifungal effects, your favorite refreshing beverage will assist you to eliminate the symptoms of onychomycosis.

The experts recommend soaking feet in a mixture of dark beer and acidophilus. The latter ingredient prevents the growth of new bacteria and kills the germs. Take one part dark beer (Guinness Stout will work wonders) and one part apple cider vinegar. Soak the clean feet in the solution for half an hour before bedtime. Without consistency and persistence, beer will not be deadly to fungus. Thus, repeat every day for several weeks or until the symptoms disappear completely.

Health properties of beer

When used externally, beer hydrates the skin. Yes, it will help you to obtain summer-ready feet in no time! Plus, it conditions hair. If you wash your face with the fermented drink, it will flush out toxins from the skin and enhance the natural glow. Plus, it fights acne, maintains the skin pH, reduces dryness, and delays the signs of aging. Use beer when you want to add volume to your hair and enjoy the amazing effects.

But even drinking beer is good for your health. It protects against dementia and cognitive impairment, reduces the risk of heart disease (when consumed moderately!), helps to prevent kidney stones, and lowers the cholesterol in the blood. Enjoy a pint of beer every once in a while, and minimize the risk of cancer. The antioxidants contained in the brewed liquid fight against the cancer-causing enzymes in the body. So, if men will reduce the risk of getting prostate cancer, women will lower the chances of developing breast cancer.

Best natural remedies with antifungal properties

Not only beer is a reputable enemy of onychomycosis. If you want to enhance the nail health naturally, add to the beer for soaking several drops of tea tree oil, a few cloves of garlic, and one or two tablespoons of baking soda. Oregano oil, lavender oil, lemon juice, and orange oil have antifungal properties, too, so use these natural remedies alone or with beer to get rid of the nail fungal infection.

The antifungal properties of beer will help you to improve the appearance of your toenails. The discoloration will disappear, and the texture of nails will improve, too. Keep in mind that nails grow completely in approximately 6 months. Hence, the results of treating nail fungus with beer will not occur overnight. Soak your feet in the brewed solution daily and fight off onychomycosis naturally. Now your feet are summer-ready, and you can wear your favorite sandals again!