Hopluia PintYour Mecca Awaits

To experience the happiest enlightenment one must make a pilgrimage to where Hopaluia, Sonar & Technique DPA are made. Brewing the “Gospel of Hops” and the “Aroma Adventure” requires unique brewing techniques and equipment, forsaken by most other breweries. Only in Cortland resides a brewery built to handle the job. Spilker Ales only provides tours once every 3 to 24 months……usually the duration between tours is about a year, so you won’t want to squander an opportunity to come!  These tour days are only announced in Spilker Ales E-Newsletters on short notice, so be sure to join the congregation today. Send your e-mail address to samale@windstream.net to get on the list. Hope to see you on a Hoppy tour!

Greetings and Hops from Spilker Ales….
       We will have open house and tours at Spilker Ales from 3:00
pm–7:30 pm  FRIDAY January 27th, 2017 and 12:00 pm–4:30 pm SATURDAY
January 28th, 2017.  402 BBQ will serve up great eats both days.
Our newest creations Technique Double pale ale and Sonar
Botanic Punch,along with Sonar Tropic Grunge, Sonar JAM, and Hopaluia
are the tasty hoppy creations we’ll have for sale.
We’ve designed Technique DPA to really stand out.  Technique
delivers hoppy notes of pine/green pepper/pineapple citrus and then
follows up with a really stark, unique earthiness.  Technique DPA is
now available year round in draft.  You can only get bottles of
Technique at the brewery during our open house.
Sonar Botanic Punch features Mosaic and HBC 291 hops.  The result is
really big citrus flavors with some really tasty “barnyard funk”
in the back round.  Technique DPA, Sonar Botanic Punch, Sonar Tropic
Grunge, Sonar Jam and Hopaluia will all be for sale by the case of
six 22 oz. bottles, 4.695/bottle (30.00/case after tax) and remember
to keep’em
cold.  There won’t be a limit on case buys, we’ll have enough.
We’ll be giving tours of the most unique small brewery you
may ever see.  Spilker Ales was one of the original “Franken
breweries” and over the years the “Freaky and Franken” parts have
become more pronounced. You
only have the chance to visit one weekend a year, so don’t miss out!
See you in Cortland at 300 W 4th st soon, and don’t
forget to bring some friends and family to tour a very hoppy
one-of-a-kind place.
Cheers!  Sam Spilker.



– Sam