Beer types

Does anyone know how many types of beer are out there?

Guys, let’s be honest. One of the greatest pleasures in life is a pint of beer enjoyed at the pub. Blonde, brunette, filtered, pasteurized, or unfiltered, each one of them has a special taste for those who savor it. Only a cold beer could satisfy the insatiable thirst on a hot day. Does anyone know how many types of beer are out there?

Does anyone know the origins of beer?

It’s not easy to attribute the invention of beer to a given period or culture. The oldest evidence dates back to over 7,000 years ago, in what is now known as Iran. The chemical tests of ancient pottery jars showed that the golden liquid was the earliest forms of fermented product. Babylonian clay tablets from 4,300 BC note detailed recipes for various types of beer – approximately 20 varieties.

The beverage was a crucial part of civilization; several cultures used it to pay workers, while others brewed it for medicinal purposes. We know that around 1600 BC, the Egyptians included beer in over 100 medical prescriptions. Thankfully, nowadays we don’t require to pay a visit to the doctor to savor a cold beer in our favorite local. However, the origins of beer prove that the beverage was brewed soon after the cultures or tribes have domesticated cereal. Let’s take a look to some of the best types of beer in the world.

Must-try types of beer

Many guys enjoy their beer-drinking experience without even knowing how many other types are there. Beer is actually a generic word that refers to every style of fermented malt beverage. So, we have both lagers and ales, as well as the hybrid styles and individual types that fall under those headings. Lagers started to be produced several hundred years ago, using bottom-fermenting yeasts. Ales, on the other hand, are the ancient types of beer and are fermented for short period of times, at warm temperatures, with the help of top-fermenting yeasts.

Today, the majority of beer in production falls in the lager category. It doesn’t mean that you cannot savor an ale; you will certainly find several brands in the supermarket and even try several craft beers in a brewery. Do you know what you should look for?
Several must-try beers are:

  • Czech Pilsner
  • Bavarian Helles
  • Austrian Märzenbier
  • Irish Stouts
  • American IPA
  • Belgian-style Blonde
  • American Pale Ale
  • German Wheat Beer
  • English Bitter
  • Brown Ale

Once you’ve tasted all of these types, you can call yourself a beer enthusiast. It’s not possible to say that you don’t like ale, when you haven’t tried several styles!

As for the weirdest beers ever brewed, Brewmeister produces a variety with 67.5% alcohol, while brewers from the Great Lakes Brewing Company have managed to replicate a beverage using a 5,000-year-old recipe.

Does anyone know how many types of beer are out there? The truth is that there are countless! Each one has their own taste and desires. Do you enjoy a beer with flower aromas and a bitter finish, or you savor the fermented drink with spicy herbal notes? What is your favorite type of beer?

Start your own brewery

How to start your own brewery?

Whether you’re a beer fan or not, you know how to recognize a good business when you see it. Is brewing beer a demanding job? The fermented beverage was successfully produced thousands of years ago. Today, the age-old beer making process has been mechanized and perfected to create the beer that would satisfy the tastes of the most pretentious drinkers. Do you want to invest in such a business? Learn how to start your own brewery.

Starting a brewery business

It sounds incredible, but there are more than over 15 million micro-breweries in the US alone. Numerous companies have invested in the fermented beverage over the last 20 years. If you think that you can compete with them, you should first evaluate the market and develop a clear vision of what you can offer to your customers – something that your competitors cannot.

After that, consider other significant aspects. You cannot be successful in this business if you do not love beer! Apart from just brewing and drinking beer, you have to perform a lot of other tasks. Can you clean all day long and are you able to work for years, until you finally have a profitable brewery? Spend some time in another brewery, until you are convinced that you have all it takes to start your own business.

Consider the start-up costs; they aren’t cheap. You will definitely have to invest in building improvements, equipment (boilers, kegs, kettles, pipes, storage tanks, cooling systems, waste management systems, etc.), and utilities (water, energy, telephone, internet, etc.). Pay for furniture, permits and licensing, payroll, software & services (accounting software, network security, credit card processing, and others), insurance, electronic equipment, and supplies.

How to brew beer like a pro

You cannot brew without investing in quality yeasts, malt, hops, as well as bottles, packaging, and labels. You also need canning or bottling equipment. A vital part of it is creating a business following a realistic plan. Hire specialists to establish a bulletproof financial plan keeping in mind your vision, the revenue projections, start-up cost, and ongoing investments.

As for the brewing alone, you have to find an alcohol distributor. Then, experiment until you succeed to reproduce the beer taste you want to sell. Find a good kit to start with – you cannot waste the supplies of the first several hundred liters of drink. When it comes to flavors, remember to keep it simple. Go for clean-tasting and hop-forward that will not disappoint your clients. When you want a certain intensity, use the clean yeasts and be confident it will turn into a fantastic platform for the hops.

Your own brewery will become successful after calling your friends over and again and making your business known. Buy a web domain, promote your work online, and plan parties where your customers will enjoy drinking your beer.

How to start your own brewery? It will not be easy at all. But if you are fully dedicated to your plan, your volume earnings will grow exponentially.

Start with home brewing and, if you really love what you do, invest in your own business. Invite feedback, taste-test your product thoroughly, and keep your beer consistent. Are you ready to take this big step?


Costs to set up a brewpub

You finally decided to start your own brewery. Apparently, you have experimented at home, invited your friends to taste-test your beer, and they gave you the green light to sell it. Before seeing yourself serving the craft beer, do some research and learn what are the costs to set up a brewpub.

How to set up your first brewpub

Maybe it will be only the first one before many others. Your brewpub does not come cheap – the initial costs can jump up to $1 million (if you’re thinking to open in the United States). You read that right! The massive investment can be estimated depending on several factors, such as the type of brewery business, the size, its location, the target market, and the current state of the economy. Paying the rent for 12 months can bring you somewhere near $50,000 or even more. For the remodeling of the facility, expect to pay approximately $10,000. As for registering the business and obtaining the permits and licenses, they will cost more than $3,000.

After that, you can say that you have purchased the first steps of setting your brewpub. You still have to pay for stuff! Hiring a consultant will charge you almost $2,500. You will spend the same amount for the utility deposits. Furthermore, in the first 3 months, you will have to pay $60,000 for payments of bills, salaries of employees, and other similar expenses.

Do you think that a brewpub is cheap? Only the start-up inventory will take $15-20,000 from your pocket. Plus, the brewing equipment isn’t more affordable. Some guys spent $18,000 for toasters, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, blenders, and others. Then, the countertops, ice machines, and sink increase the expenses with $10,000. The storage hardware – glasses case, utensil racks, bins, and shelves are $4,000.

What are the costs included?

How can you cover the initial investment of your brewpub? Expect to spend $5,000 for the opening party alone. You will also need flatware, glasses, office equipment, signage, security, cash register, ventilation, furniture and gadgets, marketing promotion expenses, and launching a website. Neither of them is for free! Based on the feasibility studies and market research, you need an estimate of $750,000 to set up your first brewpub. Do the math!

As for a medium scale brewing plant opened in the USA, expect to pay over than $1.5 million. In case you have in mind something big, well, a large-scale brewery plant demands to spend over $5 million for the start-up alone. Many entrepreneurs take a step back, knowing that money is the life line of any business. But after detailing your financial plan, you can raise your money for the start-up by applying for a loan from the bank, establishing partnerships with investors, using your personal savings, or requesting the help of donor organizations.

The costs to set up a brewpub include a lot more than money. You have to invest your time, effort, and passion for succeeding in the brewing business. If you really want to join one of the fastest growing industries, start crafting beer, and make your business dreams come true!