The Gospel of Hops

Hopluia Halleluiah!

Hopluia has been brought to the masses. With hoppy inspiration, Spilker Ales works passionately to brew “The Gospel of Hops” for you. Spend time getting to know what sets Hopluia apart and you’ll understand why Hopluia is truly “The Gospel of Hops” and so much more.

Spilker Ales was founded Dec., 1994, by owner Sam Spilker and produced its first batch of beer in July, 1996. The brewery was conceived while Sam was enjoying a good beer the summer after graduating from Colorado State University in 1993. The idea hit him like a huge thud. Sam was very disturbed he had not thought of opening a brewery sooner, and rued the day he didn’t have a brewery in operation by his 21st birthday. Perhaps Sam’s college years were not in total vain as a degree in Biochemistry would come in handy.

The air at Spilker Ales is one of dedication, creativity, and obsession. We’re huge fans of many beers, but to strive for greatness we decided to focus on one: Hopluia. Every step in the creation of Hopluia is on our minds 24/7. When you focus on one beer you think about details that would otherwise go unnoticed – and that makes all the difference in the world. We do perhaps go a little overboard sometimes. “Is it really necessary to know how to pour a stratus cloud of foam on the top of Hopluia versus a cumulus?” Maybe not? But it’s this kind of thinking that led to the birth of Hopluia in the first place.

Hopluia was born sometime in 1997. In an experiment 15 kegs of beer were dry hopped with different varieties and combinations of hops in very large quantities and one of those kegs was a revelation. It had an incredible aroma and a flavor of intense hops balanced with a tasty maltiness with indescribable fragrances of fruity esters hiding in the background. That keg didn’t last very long, because drinking it just wanted to make you say “Halleluia!” After a few more experiments and tweaking “The Gospel of Hops” was born!

The “Gospel of Hops” is the fusion of many different practices that evolved at Spilker Ales. Sam has always been inspired by the ways of English, German and Belgian brewers who strayed from the norm. We’ve borrowed a few unusual practices from just about every major brewing culture, and come up with several of our own.

Start to finish, Hopluia is made with many painstaking techniques that add complexity, flavor and, of course, great hoppiness into “The Gospel of Hops.”

We hope you enjoy Hopluia as much as we do! Cheers!